Happy Campers 18+ Patch

[9/27/18]: You do not need the patch with the latest Steam version. Please do not use old patches found off-site, as they may break the sound.


    • XU YifanApril 4, 2017 / Reply

      It is really a good game, good music and good images. Hope to play with the 18+ patch.

    • Robert McClureApril 4, 2017 / Reply

      I am new to steam and am wondering exactly how to open my game folder? I can’t seem to figure it out, and honestly it has me feeling very stupid. lol Thanks for the help!

    • Purple PumaApril 4, 2017 / Reply

      I’m pretty sure I f***ed up my game trying to do this… i have a mac and wasn’t sure how to install the patch and I think my game is basically broken. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! D:

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